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Rohnert Park, CA 94928
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Circuit Breaker Installation & Repair

Protect your home or business from unseen electrical damage by having our professional electricians come out and inspect your circuit breaker panels for any unseen hazards. A faulty or out of date circuit breaker could be your first line of defense for preventing electrical fires.

Circuit Breaker Installation

The circuit breaker is an essential piece of equipment for all structures and should only be installed by a certified professional. Our electricians have the properly insulated tools that are a must when working on this type of equipment.  Contact us today to schedule an onsite B.A. electrician to assess and discuss the installation of a circuit breaker for your home or business.

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Circuit Breaker Troubleshooting & Repair

Circuit breakers are actually quite hardy and do not malfunction too often. Certain equipment such as a multimeter tester is required when testing if a circuit breaker is having issues. Our certified electricians are proficient in troubleshooting and testing circuit breakers for possible issues. Call B.A. Electric today to schedule an onsite evaluation and have our electricians test your current circuit breakers health.

Circuit Breaker Installation & Repair for your Home or Business

3 main types of circuit breaker configurations for installation & Servicing.

Standard Circuit Pole Breaker

This is the most common type of circuit breaker found in most homes today. They are designed to monitor the current of a single wire and will trip if an overload or a short occurs.

The ground fault circuit interrupter is a type of circuit found in areas that can come in contact with water in the home such as kitchen areas bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Arc fault circuit interrupters are generally found within the electrical panel or within your wall. They are designed to prevent fires from occurring from dangerous arcing faults.

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