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New Home Wiring

New wiring for a home or business can be quite an expense, but should also be viewed as a long term investment and is essential for safety. Wiring for new homes and new commercial buildings, must be up to code with the NEC for all projects. This means it is crucial that all new home wiring jobs are undertaken by a certified professional electrician that understands these codes. Contact B.A. Electric today to discuss your new wiring project and get an onsite electrician to help with the preparation.

Residential Home Wiring

Let our expert electricians get your home wiring project up and running in no time. Contact us today to get a B.A. electrician on site to evaluate and answer any questions you may have about your wiring project. With over 25 years of experience in serving our community in the North Bay, we always put our customers first and take pride in doing every home wiring project right the first time.

New Home Wiring

Commercial Building Wiring

When it comes to commercial building wiring, we have the knowledge and experience for both large and small commercial building wiring jobs. Contact us today to get an onsite electrician to evaluate your businesses wiring project. It’s our promise that your project will remain on schedule and under budget.

New Wiring for your Home or Business

NM Wiring used for Homes

Standard wiring most commonly used for residential homes. Located within the ceiling cavities and walls of a home. This wiring is typically inexpensive, heat and fire resistant, and easy to install.

UF wire

Durable and protected from outdoor elements, this wiring can be buried straight in the ground and is typically used to run power from a building to an outdoor light fixture, gate, pump or other outdoor equipment.

Raceways, conductors, busways & cable assemblies are the main types of electrical wiring for commercial buildings. Commercial wiring needs are much different than residential home wiring.

Essential for all security and alarm systems, as well as landscape lighting, smart doorbells and surround sound. It's low electrical current and can help with saving money on electricity.

The most popular type of building wire, THHN is especially resistant to heat and is best used for cooking appliances or commercial heating applications. It's nylon coating protects the copper wires from abrasions, hot oil spills and more.

Electrical wiring for homes and commercial buildings that are over 40 years old should be replaced for safety reasons. Many factors can go into determining whether your current home or businesses wiring is in need of replacement.

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